Happy Birthday Bram

I’d be remiss to not acknowledge the creator of one of the most well known monster hunters in literature, not to mention one of the most recognized tales ever told.

This picture was taken in 1906, 11 years after the publication of Dracula. I look at it now and he seems distracted, almost as if he had no time to pose for a photograph…

I’ve often wondered about what Bram Stoker didn’t write in his novel, and where exactly his ideas came from. ¬†Part of me would love to think that he was just another soul trapped in a dreary existence, dreaming of stories that set his imagination free.

The other part of me, the part that is in charge of standing the hairs up on the back of my neck, wonders how he knew so much about vampires. I flash over the thought that he, like a select few, expressed experiences through fiction. They told us stories in a way we could understand – taught us how to hunt without us fully realizing the danger that would have paralyzed us had we known.

Maybe I’m wrong, but then again, generation after generation of humanity is struck by his ¬†“story” for a reason.

A toast to Bram Stoker, author of Dracula and possible holder of secrets.

And to that end, what if he did know more than he let on? What if Bram Stoker knew about and hunted vampires? What would that story hold for us?

What if other figures in history have had to step in when no one else could, to save us from threats we never knew?

Shouldn’t there be an accounting for this? A collection of stories that celebrates their efforts and mourns their loss?

I submit the next likely chapter in the Legends Of The Monster Hunter series – and this is not a call for submissions, just a hint of what is to come…er, to get the juices flowing:

Choose any figure in history and tell us how they were secretly a monster hunter.

It’s time that the stories were told.

Oh, and there is this:


I’ll be back with interviews and updates. I just wanted to give you something to chew on over the holidays…

Another Happy Birthday to Bram Stoker – an unparalleled inspiration to all of us.




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