This Week We Reflect…

On the Interviews that have taken place around the campfire. Next week, we will pick up with all new interviews, but for now we take time to appreciate what the authors have shared with us so far.

We’ve spoken with:

John M. Whalen

Brian Panowich

Jennifer L. Barnes

Marc Sorondo

Joshua M. Reynolds

Helen Yates

Steven Gepp

William Wood

Angel Propps

Phil Norris


Christopher Nadeau.

A motley crew, to be sure. But then, they are monster hunters…what did you expect?

This coming Thursday, I’ll post what we have so far of the Monster Hunter Soundtrack. This should be pretty cool.

And, I’m putting together a little Halloween treat for all monster hunters, so save room in your plastic jack-o-lanterns and pillow cases for something special.

Until then, enjoy the interviews and keep your weapons close – tis a bad time of year to be caught flat-footed.


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