Technology Zero

As in the score: dark screen 1 – technology 0. Now that my indiscriminately interrupted internet has been rectified, I am able to post again. Rejoice. And in the act of rejoicing, avail yourself to the following which I have also posted on the PHP forum as well as facebook, explanation to be supplied:

You see, when my bourbon-sodden brain searches for ideas for new anthologies, it does bear some resemblance to the short film portrayed above. Let’s face it – Lovecraft and sushi were only a matter of time, and for monster hunters, it’s a good time.

Don’t be surprised if a book entitled “Mountain of Skulls, Valley of Bones” opens up for submissions asking for stories for Kaiju. Just sayin’.

Which brings up genre mashing. And outlandishness. And Soy Sauce. Which brings us to the book I read during said internet outage:

This cover image released by Thomas Dunne Books shows

I loved it. I loved it as much as JOHN DIES AT THE END. I didn’t even realize how much I missed this kind of humor until I read it, and how David Wong is the only one who can do it right.

I’ve purchased a god-awful number of books on Kindle and ibooks in 2012 – but only a handful of hardcovers, and out of those, I was happy that I purchased 2 of them. This was 1, and I give 5 full monsters and a celebration shot into the sky.

I had the good fortune (see what I did there?) to meet Jason a few years ago, and he’s a very cool cat, an amazing writer, and if you’re looking for something new to read, you should probably become very well acquainted with your enneagram number before you check these out. Depending on your results, enjoy!

Monster Hunter Soundtrack. I have not had time to do it justice, which includes links, so have a little patience, and it I promise it will be presented in the full badassness that it deserves.

Monster Hunter Interviews. They will continue next Monday. And there will be some Halloween treats. I’m not quite ready to reveal what they are yet, but real exorcisms and true stories of werewolf hunting could be coming…

Until Monday, don’t just wonder what that scratching noise is outside your window… Put on your boots, grab your gun and take care of it. Like a monster hunter.


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