Monster Hunter Interview – Christopher Nadeau

Gather ‘round the campfire, and grab a comfy spot. Tonight we’ll spend a little time with Christopher Nadeau, who attracted a nice bit of attention for his story “Finally, the Source”, featured in Leather, Denim & Silver. He also appeared in The Trigger Reflex with “Emergence” and will obviously be joining us in Use Enough Gun with “Arrival”.

Which is to say, the guy knows how to write a story.

We’ll be jumping right in to the interview with wolfmen, which reminds me to mention that I am working on some very special interviews for the week of Halloween. A couple of “treats” if you will, so be ready for some scary stuff.

For tonight though, let’s get down to business:

MB – Hi Christopher. Welcome to the campfire. According to your bio, you hail from Southeastern Michigan?

CN – Yes…

MB – Well, whenever I meet someone from Michigan, the first thing I think of (the same as anybody, I’m sure…) is upright canids. How would you say that they have affected your life?

CN – Most recently by making me look up “Upright Canids” so I wouldn’t feel like a moron. Too late.

MB – Not an auspicious start to things, eh? But please forgive me – I take the lore and study of werewolves seriously. Some say too seriously, but I say “better to know something and never need it than to need something and know nothing about it.” You know?

I also have a large mutt (Lab looking thing) that has a bad habit of resting her paws on the kitchen counter. When she does this, she is perfectly upright and there have been several times when I wasn’t expecting to see an upright dog, and it’s just flat-out unnatural. When I think or write about werewolves, that’s the image that comes to me every time – much more so than the standard he-man with a wolf’s head.  It also leads me to believe that werewolves can be lured into a trap by using chips and sandwiches as bait, but of course, my dog keeps springing said trap.

I digress. Let’s lighten the mood, shall we?

What’s the best monster prank you’ve ever pulled?

CN – I’ve never pulled a monster prank but I did once turn off all the lights, grab a toy lightsaber, and slowly advance on my mother while breathing like Darth Vader.

Her doctors assured me she probably would’ve had that anxiety attack at some point in the possible near future anyway.

MB – Hmmm. If she’s calmed down enough by now, you may think about correcting that “never pulled a monster prank” thing. There are outstanding wolfman costumes now, and if you can get her into a wooded area at night, I bet it will be awesome.

Or not, if you go with that whole “got to grow up sometime” thing – It’s up to you.

Okay, totally different direction:

Worst horror movie you’ve ever seen?

CN –  I tend to think most horror movies are terrible, but the one that springs to mind from recent experiences is Skyline. To quote metacritic, this film “delivers annoying characters, silly set pieces and a ludicrous ending that unfortunately suggests a sequel is on the way.” Those were its positive traits.

MB – Yeah, sure, but you could say the exact same thing about Titanic. And, in defense of Skyline, Titanic spent the entire movie at sea and did not have one monster – not even a single, tiny tentacle.

Makes me think that a re-make featuring a Kraken might be in order – with the same cast, of course. What really sank the Titanic, eh? Are you with me…

Moving on. Quick – boxers, briefs, or loincloth?

CN – Why not all three at once?

MB – I get the feeling that you were one of those kids that ate all different kinds of Halloween candy at once. And both actions will provoke the same facial expression from onlookers.

5 MINUTES TO PACK –  HQ called and you are going after a Cadborosaurus. What do you bring?

CN – A dictionary!

MB – *turns to secretary* Please mark Christopher down on the Christmas List for Crypto-zoology A to Z by Coleman & Clark. Unless he has a birthday between now and then – whichever comes first. He needs this book with a quickness.

Alright, NAME THAT TUNE – Give us your top 3 monster hunting songs:

CN – “Digging in the Dirt” by Peter Gabriel.

“Piggie Pie” by the Insane Clown Posse.

“In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins

MB – Way to bring Peter and Phil to the party! No hunter alive during the 80’s doesn’t feel the Phil Collins vibe, and Peter Gabriel is always brilliant. He either just released, or is soon to release a new CD. It’s not Bieber, I know, but I’ll be checking it out.

Back to movies. Was Max Schreck really a vampire?

CN – No, he was THE vampire.

MB – I think Bela Lugosi might take issue with that, but then, Bela Lugosi was definitely not a real vampire, and no matter if Max Screck was (is) or wasn’t, he’s a scary looking dude. I wonder how things went when he went clubbing and tried to hook up? Meh, nevermind…

If money were no object, what weapon would you purchase today?

CN – That planet-killer weapon the bad guy had in “Battle Beyond the Stars” that turned planets into miniature suns.

MB – Go big or go home, huh? I like it – don’t hunt the monsters one by one, just take out the whole planet. It’s the only way to be sure…

What monster hunter do you most admire?

CN- Blade. I love how he embodies that which he hunts but at the same time uses it as his greatest weapon. Even Dracula thought he was a bad-ass!

MB – I did dig Blade I & II. Trinity took a bit of the shine off of the franchise for me, but that does not diminish the character, who is a badass. I guess the main question for me is that if you have this group that is smart enough to create an airborne weapon that will destroy vampires, shouldn’t one of them be able to whip up a little basic accounting budget and tax plan? He should’ve asked that clan from the second movie about it – they’ve obviously been handling money for centuries. Oh well.

Last question: Ever seen a ghost?

CN – Nope, and not sure I even believe in them.

MB – Well, with that kind of attitude you can hardly expect one to come around, now can you? I kid. I don’t know that anyone really believes in them until they see one. Kind of like a McRib. Which reminds me, I’m starving.

Wrap this up by telling us where we can find out more about you!

CN – I’m the author of ‘Dreamers at Infinity’s Core’ through COM Publishing as well as over two dozen published short stories in such august publications as The Horror Zine, Sci-Fi Short Story Magazine, Ghostlight Magazine and more anthologies than one could take out with the toss of a single hand grenade. He was interviewed as part of Suspense Radio’s up and coming authors program and collaborated on two “machinima” films with UK animator Celestial Elf called “The Gift,” and ‘The Deerhunter’s Tale,” both of which can be viewed on YouTube. He received positive mention from Ramsey Campbell for his short story ‘Always Say Treat,’ which was compared to the work of Ray Bradbury and has received positive reviews from SFRevue and zombiecoffeepress.
His novel “Echoes of Infinity’s Core” is slated for a 2012 release.

I’m also an active member of the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers, Chris Resides in Southeastern Michigan with his wife Lorie and two petulant long-hair Chihuahuas.

Amazon author page:



MB – Well done, sir. Thanks for joining us.

CN – Thanks for having me. Say, do you happen to have a link for who happens to sell those werewolf costumes you were talking about?

MB – Of course! Let me dig that up for you…

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